We help women with breast cancer and their families

For most women, the first information about their diagnosis represents a psychological shock which they have to deal with.  Any oncological disease hits not only the patient herself, but also her family and friends.

Every year, more than six thousand visits – oncological patients and their relatives – come to visit us.

At Mamma HELP centers we offer you

Psychological support

We are ready to share our time and lots of support, empathy, encouragement and hope. Don´t stay alone with your worries.

Personal experience

The all of us here are treated patients and share our personal experience with the disease. We know how you feel because we also have undergone the challenging treatment.

Safe environment

Our centers provide safe environment and support both to patients and their families. You are welcome to come and see us.

Qualified information

We offer qualified and verified information. In an understandable way we will not only explain you everything but also add a plenty of useful advice.

Afternoon programs

We organize various afternoon programs: lectures and courses on several topics, arts workshops, outing or sightseeing trips and several forms of exercise.

Services for free

All our services to clients and their family members are offered completely for free.

Specialized cooperation

with oncologists, radiotherapists, surgeons, mammodiagnostics, genetics, psychologists, physiotherapists, oncological nurses.


In addition to participation in regular supervisions, all laic therapists also take part in training led by psychologists.

Great companions

You will find here new friends with a similar story. To boost your condition, consider to join us in a wellness stay.

Mamma HELP centers in the Czech Republic

Our centers employ more than fifty treated women patients as laic therapists.

We offer assistance during your treatment as well as in getting back to normal life.

Find the nearest center and come to see us.

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